Every wave is different, you have to adjust and go with it, whatever way it comes at you. Just like life.

BEGINNERS 2 HOUR LESSON FOR ADULTS (group public lesson) :

1 to 1 adult lesson is €100 for 2hrs

2 to 1 lesson €55 per person for 2hrs

3 to 1 lesson €50 per person for 2hrs

4 to 1 lesson and above €45 per person for 2hrs


Surfboards and wetsuits are provided.

If you’ve been thinking about it do not hesitate any longer. Come learn how to surf from professional instructors that will ensure that you have a positive and memorable experience.
In our beginners lesson we start you off easy with the basics and give you a foundation to build on, with a relaxed step-by-step method to break down the seemingly impossible task of leaping to your feet and riding along a wave.
The surfboards we use for beginners lessons are long foamboards. The length and buoyancy of the boards give you the best possible chance to develop your surfing skills.

Warm jumper
Bottle of Water
and a smile!


Did you know we now offer Coasteering at Swell?