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27th January 2015 by jenny

“Now with the springtime
The days will grow longer
And after St. Bride’s day’
My sail I’ll let go
I put my mind to it,
And I never will linger”

A lot has changed in the past year in swell surf school. After years of working with eoin liam and aisling who were the backbone they all decided to go onto other adventures.  I have taken over the school and have been super stoked excited and rejuvinated since that day.  The last two months of last season were amazing and i just want to thank everyone for there support ,all the staff who were awesome all year and to the sea and inch beach.

The wind and sea are calling again with the scent of Spring creeping in….Swell will be back on the water in March. We are open for bookings now  so email  for any seasonal bookings or enquiries on

See you in the water

2016 is goona be sweet

Luke Chambers

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