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Ladies Surficse is back for 2018 and open for bookings!!!

12th February 2016 by jenny

Ladies Surficise is back for 2018! Starting Monday 9th April @ 19:15hrs .

A mix of surfing,cardio and yoga. Get in touch with the ocean ,chill ,look great and feel great. No surf experience in any way required.

1hr 30 mins weekly on Monday evenings from 19.15hrs to 21:00hrs.  €60 for 4 week course where you learn to surf from scratch. Time will change later in the season as the evenings get longer.

Course1Monday 9th,16th,23rd,30th April 2018

Course2: Monday 14th,21st,28th May,11th June 2018

Course3: Monday 18th,25th June, 2nd, 9th July 2018

Course4: Monday 16th,24th,30th July,13 Aug 2018

Course5: Monday 20th,27th Aug, 3rd, 10th September 2018

Course6:   Monday 17th,24th Sep,1st,8th October 2018

We bring you through the basics of surfing , from the beach to surfing a wave. You will also learn about the ecology of the area and sea safety while all the while your mind and body get toned.

Each week we will lead you to the ultimate goal of riding a wave and actually surfing

Wetsuits boards instructors provided. Booking is essential .Book by mailing or call 0879803206.

All equipment and wetsuits included so just bring yourself.





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